A cute belly dance


Published on 24 Nov 2015

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  • alijon243 years ago
  • سلام .کسی میدونه چجوری میشه دانلود کرد؟ با دانلود منجراینترنت دانلود منیجرم ارور میده

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  • roya2603 years ago
  • باسلام.چرا ویدیوها توگوشی من باز نمیشن؟ لطفا راهنماییم کنید ممنون

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Dance is the art of movement of the body, usually rhythmically and to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. "A dance" is any one prescribed sequence of such movements, or the music to which it is performed, or an event at which it takes place. Dance may also be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication recognisable in other animals; in bee dances and behaviour patterns such as mating dances.