Hossein Panahi


Published on 23 Nov 2014
Hossein Panahi Dezhkooh (born 28 August 1956 - died 4 August 2004) was an Iranian actor and poet. After graduating from high school, due to his father's recommendation, he found his way to "Ayatollah Golpaygaani"'s religious class. He then returned to his hometown as a religious figure, but this lasted only for a few months. He then moved to Tehran and started studying in Anahita art school for four years and graduated as an actor and a screen writer. He started his acting career in a TV show named: Mahalleh Behdaasht (Hygiene Neighborhood). He then performed in some TV shows written by himself which were not much successful. He later received recognition from a show named "Two ducks in fog". He was the writer and director of the show as well as performing in it. This was his breakthrough and people requested his shows to be broadcast again.

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