Michelle Obama Celebrates Nowruz


Published on 13 Mar 2015
First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts An Event To Mark Nowruz (Persian New Year)

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  • shahbaziomid4 years ago
  • Hello mam, I am really pleasure when I saw your massage for Iranian nowruze,it was so kindly and from heart that make me tears. God bless you and your family. As holy Hafez said: غرض نقشی ست کزما جای ماند ...که عالم را نمی بینم دوامی

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Celebrity is fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, or group of people (celebrity couple, family etc.), or occasionally, to animals or fictional entities. Celebrity status is often associated with wealth (commonly referred to as fame and fortune) and fame can often provide opportunities to make money.The term social refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations of humans and other animals. It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New Year. Nowruz marks the first day of spring or Equinox and the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalises night and day is calculated exactly every year and families gather together to observe the rituals.